Alien Covenant1_vore_decapitate (6.4m)
Asylum of Satan_pool_snake_attack (15.3m)
Big Ass Spider_attack_vore_bodies (35.0m)
Blood Lake- Attack of the Killer Lampreys_indoor_swim_nice_ass_drown_body_handle_vore (104.4m)
Cthulhu Mansion1_monster_attack_vore (17.5m)
Death Bed The Bed That Eats1_vore_drown (10.6m)
Death Bed The Bed That Eats2_vore_drown (8.0m)
Deep Blue Sea1_shark_vore (86.8m)
Deep Blue Sea2_shark_vore (52.7m)
Dickshark_spider_attack_body_stare (100.6m)
Dino Croc vs Supergator 1_vore (12.9m)
Dino Croc vs Supergator 2_vore (27.9m)
empire of the ants_vore (1.7m)
Ghost Shark 1_vor (76.3m)
Ghost Shark 2_vor (74.2m)
hh01-vore (13.5m)
hh02-vore (8.1m)
hh03-vore (26.1m)
hh05-vore (16.4m)
insecticidal01_monster_attack_vore (4.8m)
Insectula!1_vore_underwater_lake_decapitate (45.6m)
Insectula!3_vore_lake_impale_feet_action (41.2m)
Insectula!4_vore_decapitate (23.2m)
Insectula!_vore_cut_in_half (27.5m)
killer kart_vore (57.1m)
Lake Placid(3)1_alligator_vore (13.8m)
Lake Placid(3)2_alligator_vore (22.3m)
MONSTER SHARK_strangle_electrocute_bathtub (61.0m)
Rattlers_snake_bath (8.9m)
sandsharks_decapitate (2.0m)
Shark Night1_shark_vore (77.0m)
Shark Night2_shark_vore (68.7m)
Shark Night3_drown_resuscitate (151.1m)
Sharktopus1_vore (15.1m)
Sharktopus2_vore (25.0m)
shark_exorcist1_stab_drown (97.3m)
shark_exorcist2_body (50.7m)
STPSvWW1_vor (45.8m)
STPSvWW2_vor (25.5m)
the abominable dr phibes_suffocate_insect_vore (559.1m)
The Abomination3_vore (65.2m)
The Abomination4_vore (22.2m)
The Creep Behind The Camera1_creeping_monster_vore (20.7m)
The Creep Behind The Camera2_creeping_monster_vore (46.8m)
The Deadly Spawn1_vore (27.2m)
The Deadly Spawn2_vore_decapitate (31.0m)
The Great Alligator_vore (63.5m)
THE MANGLER REBORN2_vore_fedd_to_machine (51.9m)
THE MANGLER REBORN3_vore_fedd_to_machine (71.9m)
the woman eater_vore (4.8m)
The_Outing_snake_attack (16.0m)
Woman Eater1_vore (40.0m)
Woman Eater2_vore (25.2m)
Woman Eater3_vore (38.5m)