99 River Street_strangle_scarf_body (68.2m)
American Gods-S2-E3_throat_cut (28.1m)
American Gods-S2-E5_autopsy_morgue_body (3.4m)
Auntie Lee Meat Pies1_male_impale_hook_head_lift (25.2m)
Auntie Lee Meat Pies2_male_impale_chest_giant_snake (26.5m)
Auntie Lee Meat Pies3_male_pool_stab_drown (66.4m)
Baby Doll Murders, The1_stab_belly_laundry_room (138.7m)
Baby Doll Murders, The2_throat_cut_apt (92.5m)
Baby Doll Murders, The3_shower_strangle_manual_bed (218.5m)
Baby Doll Murders, The4_chase_strangle_manual_park_nonfatal (107.7m)
Blood Night The Legend Of Mary Hatchet1_stab_eye_sissors_axe_forehead] (159.4m)
Blood Night The Legend Of Mary Hatchet2_shot_head_death_stare (88.0m)
Blood Night The Legend Of Mary Hatchet3_strangle_manual (148.3m)
Coyote Lake_strangle_manual_nonfatal (9.4m)
Death Screams1_couple_hang_throat_cut (93.3m)
Death Screams2_bodies_river (19.4m)
Death Screams3_arrow_neck_suffocate_plastic_bag (73.0m)
Death Screams4_underwater_river_bodies_throat_cut (56.1m)
Death Screams5_river_bodies (14.2m)
Delitto in Via Teulada1_body_drag_death_stare (14.8m)
Delitto in Via Teulada2_strangle_ligature_scarf (30.9m)
Delitto in Via Teulada3_strangle_manual_ligature_nonfatal (15.8m)
Delitto in Via Teulada4_body_casket (15.3m)
Delitto in Via Teulada5_strangle_manual_nonfatal (36.7m)
Dial M for Murder (1981) Angie Dickinson_strangle_ligature_stocking_nonfatal (206.6m)
DROWNING SCENE Dagmar Scheibenreif on Vimeo (50.3m)
Hangup_injection_overdose (16.6m)
I Spit on Your Grave-Deja Vu 2019a_attack_kidnap (26.1m)
I Spit on Your Grave-Deja Vu 2019b_bondage_feet_kick (35.3m)
I Spit on Your Grave-Deja Vu 2019c_throat_cut_decapitate (84.9m)
I Spit on Your Grave-Deja Vu 2019d_rape (125.0m)
I Spit on Your Grave-Deja Vu 2019e_rape (34.4m)
Killer Motel1_male_penilectomy_penis_bit_off (23.7m)
Killer Motel2_stab_belly (21.1m)
korean movie unknown - YouTube_drown_ocean (338.7m)
Midnight1_bear_trap_head_bash (31.7m)
Midnight2_drown_bathtub (21.2m)
Moon Lovers-Scarlet Heart-S1-E1_drown_lake (19.3m)
Murderous Children 2018_bodies_morgue (16.8m)
Play or Die1_body_screwdriver_neck (55.0m)
Play or Die2_bodies_screwdriver_neck (83.9m)
Public Hanging Of Bet Sykes (Pennyworth TV Series) (146.4m)
Requiem der Teufel_electrocute_bathtub (30.5m)
Switch Killer 2005a_stab_belly (38.9m)
Switch Killer 2005b_stab_head (14.3m)
Switch Killer 2005c_stab_multiplw_body_bathroom (25.3m)
Switch Killer 2005d_male_chainsaw_belly (484.0m)
Ten Little Indians 1989_hang_nonfatal (102.7m)
The Vengeance of Doctor Mabuse1_attack_strangle_kidnap_carry (32.1m)
The Vengeance of Doctor Mabuse2_torture_body_carry_strangle_manual (123.2m)
The Vengeance of Doctor Mabuse3_attack_strangle_kidnap_carry (43.5m)
The Vengeance of Doctor Mabuse4_attack_strangle_kidnap_carry (47.5m)
The Vengeance of Doctor Mabuse5_attack_strangle_kidnap_carry (22.7m)
The Vengeance of Doctor Mabuse6_strangle_manual (9.6m)
The Vengeance of Doctor Mabuse7_attack_kidnap_body_carry (15.1m)
viy_body_casket (186.0m)