Carrion1_stab_pitchfork_disembowel_strangle_intestines (27.6m)
Carrion2_tongue_cut_body (49.0m)
Carrion3_body_death_stare (10.0m)
Central Park1_hang (20.7m)
Central Park2_body_handle (19.2m)
Central Park3_stab_back_of_head (15.6m)
Christmas Blood1_axe_belly_disembowel (31.9m)
Christmas Blood2_strangle_throat_lift_nonfatal (32.5m)
Dead West1_stab (38.6m)
Dead West2_stab (64.1m)
Dead West3_body_handle (24.2m)
Henry VIII_decapitate (29.8m)
Mermaid - Lake of the Dead1_underwater_peril_lake (23.6m)
Mermaid - Lake of the Dead2_underwater_peril_pool (34.7m)
Mermaid - Lake of the Dead3_underwater_peril_lake (33.9m)
Mermaid - Lake of the Dead4_underwater_peril_lake_resuscitate (59.4m)
The House That Jack Built1_head_bash (14.7m)
The House That Jack Built2_body_handle (32.6m)
The House That Jack Built3_strangle_manual_stab_heart (130.4m)
The House That Jack Built4_strangle_manual_death_stare (59.5m)
The House That Jack Built5_shot_back (78.1m)
The House That Jack Built6_breast_skin_money_purse (18.1m)
The House That Jack Built7_house_made_of_corpses (55.8m)
The Long Kiss Goodnight_water_wheel_long_version (199.9m)
The Long Kiss Goodnight_water_wheel_short_version (26.1m)
Vikings s5e20_strangle_ligature (43.2m)