12 Feet Deep Trapped Sisters1_underwater (56.0m)
12 Feet Deep Trapped Sisters2_underwater_peril (129.0m)
Alfred Hitchcock- You'll Be the Death of Me1_strangle (15.6m)
Alfred Hitchcock- You'll Be the Death of Me2_strangle (23.1m)
All I Need_bodies (66.9m)
Bloodstone Subspecies II1_body (12.7m)
Bloodstone Subspecies II2_body (17.4m)
Bounty Killer_decapitate (46.2m)
bubble_gum_and_broken_fingers1_throat_cut_NEW (69.6m)
bubble_gum_and_broken_fingers2_belly_shot_NEW (59.6m)
bubble_gum_and_broken_fingers3_strangle_NEW (78.5m)
Camera Obscura1_strangle (39.9m)
Camera Obscura2_body (35.2m)
Dark.Waters_strangle_nonfatal (14.8m)
Deep Blue Sea1_shark_vore (86.8m)
Deep Blue Sea2_shark_vore (52.7m)
headless01-dismember_decapitate (576.1m)
headless02-decapitate_gore (80.7m)
headless03-decapitate_gore (419.6m)
headless04-decapitate_gore (228.8m)
headless05-impale_eye_removal_decapitate (438.2m)
Horrific_strangle_nonfatal (34.6m)
Shark Night1_shark_vore (77.0m)
Shark Night2_shark_vore (68.7m)
Shark Night3_drown_resuscitate (151.1m)
strange things happen at night01_neck_bite_cannibal (9.1m)
strange things happen at night02_disembowel (12.8m)
strange things happen at night03_neck_bite_cannibal (17.9m)
strangethings happen at night04_stab_throat_cut_leg_kicking (13.3m)
The Eyes of Isabelle1_axe_crotch (58.2m)
The Eyes of Isabelle2_stab_eye_removal (116.6m)
The Eyes of Isabelle3_throat_cut (49.5m)
The Hassled Hooker1_shot (12.3m)
The Hassled Hooker2_body_handle (17.0m)
The Hassled Hooker3_shot_body (18.2m)
Wichita1_strangle (25.9m)
Wichita2_body (3.6m)
Wichita3_drown (68.8m)
Wichita4_stab (15.5m)