Blood is Blood1_strangle (121.9m)
Blood is Blood2_strangle (135.5m)
Each Time I Kill1_strangle (7.8m)
Each Time I Kill2_strangle (5.8m)
Each Time I Kill3_strangle (5.9m)
Each Time I Kill4_fall (6.8m)
Flesh Evil Il_strangle (34.3m)
Fortuna_strangle (84.2m)
Henry Portrait of a Seria .Killer 2_body (1.3m)
Holloway Heights- Go Drown On Me_drown (141.7m)
Intercept_strangle (83.6m)
night at the golden eagle1_suffocate_neck_break (94.2m)
night at the golden eagle2_body_stare (175.0m)
night at the golden eagle3_body_handle_stare (198.6m)
night at the golden eagle4_body_handle (315.5m)
Rattlers_snake_bath (8.9m)
Raw Passions1_stab (7.7m)
Raw Passions2_strangle_nonfatal (12.3m)
Reinas_decapitate (33.4m)
Scary Story Slumber Party_stab (66.8m)
The Devil is in the Details_drown (78.6m)
The Mephisto Waltz_fall (13.9m)
Torched_decapitate (34.9m)
Tracking_shower_attack (84.5m)
Vampire Strangler1_strangle (22.7m)
Vampire Strangler2_strangle (32.5m)
WAVE Archer_belly (237.1m)
WAVE Damsel in Distress 3_quicksand (572.3m)
WAVE Deadly Encounter1_pool (185.8m)
WAVE Deadly Encounter2_pool_drown (646.6m)
WAVE Deadly Encounter3_pool_drown_body_handle (48.6m)
WAVE Video Updates 5_bathtub_electrocute (517.5m)