ABUSO DI POTERE1_crime_scene (17.8m)
ABUSO DI POTERE2_belly_stab (15.8m)
alapaap_body (95.8m)
Blood Bath (1966)1_drown_body_handle (60.6m)
Blood Bath (1966)2_slash_drowned_in_wax (26.3m)
Blood Bath (1966)3_drown (22.0m)
Blood Bath (1966)4_body (29.9m)
Byleth1_stab (25.3m)
Byleth2_stab (21.6m)
Byleth3_body (24.0m)
Camp (japanese)1_strangle_nonfatal (11.5m)
Camp (japanese)2_beat_unrinate (7.8m)
Camp (japanese)3_plastic_suffocate_body_handle (25.5m)
Camp (japanese)4_girl_fight_strangle_neck_stab (8.7m)
Crazy Lips (japanese)_bloody_bodies (4.9m)
Death Race 2050(1)_car_bodies (21.4m)
Death Race 2050(2)_car (24.4m)
disciple of death1_strangle (85.8m)
disciple of death2_body_handle (63.8m)
disciple of death3_sacrifice_heart (181.6m)
Eastenders- Ronnie And Roxy Drown (84.7m)
Jason Goes to Hell1_impale_bisect (10.4m)
Jason Goes to Hell2_thrown_knife_in_back_body (41.9m)
Jason Goes to Hell3_head_crush (12.4m)
Jason X1_belly_stab_suffocate (25.4m)
Jason X2_drown_liquid_nitrogen_head_crush (23.7m)
Jason X3_decapitate (18.4m)
Laundry Man1_beat_barbwire_strangle_choke_on_blood (67.8m)
Laundry Man2_choke_on_blood (33.3m)
Laundry Man3_throat_cut_bloodbath (60.4m)
Laundry Man4_drown_in_bucket_of_blood (27.8m)
madame death1_strangle (140.4m)
madame death2_stab (155.5m)
madame death3_body_handle (97.4m)
sexo sangriento_pussy_stab_cut (128.8m)
shadows of the mind_stab_burn (223.6m)
Soko Wien S11 Ep 15 Wir sind viele_hang (18.2m)
terror and black lace1_strangle_head_bash (70.6m)
terror and black lace2_body_handle (96.8m)
terror and black lace3_strangle_nonfatal (81.1m)
terror and black lace4_strangle_nonfatal (65.4m)
The Etruscan Kills Again1_beat (11.5m)
The Etruscan Kills Again2_body (4.2m)
The Etruscan Kills Again3_body (9.8m)
The Etruscan Kills Again4_beat_body (12.4m)
The Grand Remix_hang (35.3m)
tomie- another face1_fall_body (43.4m)
tomie- another face2_strangle_body (128.9m)
tomie- another face3_strangle (123.1m)
tomie- another face4_bodies (48.6m)
tomie- another face5_bodies (20.3m)
tomie- another face6_belly_stab (127.8m)
unnaturally born killers1_decapitate (75.9m)
Vanilla Cake Short Horror Film_belly_stab_body_handle (61.8m)
WAVE The Stalker_pool_drown_body (131.4m)