after part massacre03-throatcut (61.3m)
after party massacre02-band saw-hammer (110.4m)
after party massacre04-strangle (91.4m)
after party massacre06-axe-throat (133.0m)
Chain Letter1_head_axe (37.8m)
curse of lizzie borden-prom night 2-01-axe-neck (12.4m)
curse of lizzie borden-prom night 2-02-axe-back (8.3m)
curse of lizzie borden-prom night 2-03-axe throat (5.2m)
curse of lizzie borden-prom night 2-04-decapitate (13.2m)
Gray1_strangle_axe (33.2m)
Gray2_strangle (16.8m)
Gray3_strangle (31.5m)
homebodies-stab (271.7m)
I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer_impale_fall_body (55.5m)
jaani_dushman1_strangle (102.6m)
jaani_dushman2_strangle (32.4m)
jaani_dushman3_strangle (58.6m)
LynBucket_drown (111.4m)
Playing with Dolls_dismember_sledgehammer (24.5m)
Secret Santa1_belly_stab (10.0m)
Secret Santa2_belly_stab (34.7m)
Secret Santa3_belly_stab (18.3m)
Stepdaughter1_belly_stab (44.6m)
Stepdaughter2_bathtub_electrocute (86.0m)
Stepdaughter3_strangle(nonfatal)_pitchfork (55.9m)
The Autopsy of Jane Doe1_crime_scene_death_stare (10.7m)
The Autopsy of Jane Doe2_morgue_autopsy_death_stare. (48.4m)
The Autopsy of Jane Doe3_morgue_autopsy_death_stare. (30.0m)
The Autopsy of Jane Doe4_morgue_autopsy_death_stare. (16.9m)
The Editor1_injection_axe (21.1m)
The Editor2_slash (16.5m)
The Editor3_hang_crime_scene (12.9m)
The Editor3_hot_80s_dancing_face_ripoff (42.0m)
The Editor4_axe (31.4m)
The Editor5_stab_body (43.6m)
The Editor6_fire (42.6m)
The Lodger1_morgue (25.0m)
The Lodger2_attack_morgue (52.2m)
The Lodger3_attack_body (44.6m)
Them_backseat_car_strangle (44.5m)
worm1_strangle_bag (99.0m)
worm2_blowjob_strangle (41.1m)
worm3_choke_vacuum_chamber (65.7m)