2 Headed Shark Attack1_ocean_vore_shark (24.9m)
2 Headed Shark Attack2_ocean_vore_shark (34.9m)
2 Headed Shark Attack3_ocean_vore_shark (26.9m)
2 Headed Shark Attack4_ocean_vore_shark (17.2m)
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (cgi hanging execution) (264.9m)
A Scream In The Streets1_chase_stab_belly (78.5m)
A Scream In The Streets2_attack_whip (174.6m)
A Scream In The Streets3_stab_belly_body (43.6m)
A Scream In The Streets4_stab_belly_body (223.0m)
Blue Nude_strangle_manual_death_stare (174.9m)
Death On The Nile_body_bed_multiple_head_shot (298.7m)
Deathmoon shower_werewolf_attack (12.1m)
Erasing His Dark Past_strangle_ligature_car_backseat (26.2m)
I Like Bats_strangle_manual_NEW (20.6m)
In Deep s2e8a_hang_body_death_stare (5.4m)
In Deep s2e8b_hang_body_death_stare (54.8m)
Lake Fear 3a_throat_crush_bite_zombie_attack_gore (50.9m)
Lake Fear 3b_throat_crush_bite_zombie_attack_shotgun_gore (83.3m)
Only the Cool_head_shot_assasinate_car_body (25.0m)
Rabid1_pool_drown_vore_marilyn_chambers_NEW (43.8m)
Rabid2_body_disposal_NEW (42.0m)
Ravenswood1_electrocute_electroshock (45.4m)
Ravenswood2_electrocute_electroshock_nonfatal (28.9m)
Ravenswood3_throatcut (22.8m)
Ravenswood4_strangle_manual_belt (25.7m)
Stray Cat Rock Wild Jumbo_drown_ocean_suicide (49.9m)
The Big Bust Out1_girl_fight (37.3m)
The Big Bust Out2_rape_stab_body (77.4m)
The Big Bust Out3_whip (68.7m)
The Big Bust Out4_male_hang_body (31.1m)
The Devils Female1_male_crucify_morgue (79.5m)
The Devils Female2_male_morgue_female_seizure_body (64.9m)
The Devils Female3_male_suffocate_beat (42.7m)
The Devils Female4_rape_ghost (35.4m)
The Hanging Women_strangle_manual_NEW (29.2m)
The Mafu Cage1_strangle_play_scarf (29.0m)
The Mafu Cage2_body_handle (76.3m)
The Soultangler1_attack_strangle_manual (16.4m)
The Soultangler2_morgue_body_scalp (55.4m)
The Treasure of Jamaica Reef_scuba_ocean_peril_multiple_scenes (302.0m)
Video Dead1_strangle_manual_reach (40.4m)
Video Dead2_female_body_zombie_female_decapitate_male_chainsaw_belly (24.9m)
Who Is Killing the Cheerleaders1_bodies (10.5m)
Who Is Killing the Cheerleaders2_stab_belly. (17.6m)
youtube - Project Horror - The Exchange_stab_belly_chest_bloody (48.2m)
youtube - Project Horror -The Fur Coat Stranglerís Revenge_strangle_ligature_couch (28.8m)