Nadia strangled (292.8m) 09/15/20
Ashley strangled and Belly Stabed (298.2m) 09/14/20
m06003_body_handle_hang (23.1m) 09/13/20
m06002_suffocate_bag (13.2m) 09/13/20
m06001_suffocate_bag (16.9m) 09/13/20
m05602_lissa_body_handle (28.7m) 09/13/20
m05601_lissa_suffocate_bag (17.2m) 09/13/20
m03901_suffocate_bag (27.5m) 09/13/20
Too Dumb to Live Strangle Manual Couch-Delphine (60.2m) 08/25/20
The_Gloves_Possessed_IV (60.1m) 08/25/20
The Sports Chauvinist Male Strangle Manual Floor (56.5m) 08/25/20
The Maids Last Day Strangle Manual (71.5m) 08/25/20
Strangle Ligature Office (61.2m) 08/25/20
Strangle Ligature Bed Body Strip-Denise (49.2m) 08/25/20
Stocking Stalking Strangle Ligature Couch-Kendra (57.2m) 08/25/20
Return_of_a_One_Night_Stand (40.8m) 08/25/20
Not Again Strangle Manual Bed-Mila (28.0m) 08/25/20
Maids Work Strangle Manual-Lissa (21.1m) 08/25/20
Lissa Strangle Manual Throat Lift Bedroom (25.6m) 08/25/20
Home Invasion Strangle Manual (59.1m) 08/25/20
Girly Girls of Choke Strangle Manual (53.5m) 08/25/20
From Corpse to Killer Coffin Strangle Manual Body Strip (43.9m) 08/25/20
Fight Strangle Manual-Gia China (33.5m) 08/25/20
Nurse Strangle Ligature Dead Body Strip-Lissa (52.3m) 08/23/20
Brazil Tears Truth Tragedy Strangle Manual Bed (29.5m) 08/23/20