29 february (2006)_strangle_manual_nonfatal (29.5m) 12/26/14
7th hunt, the (2009) 1_plastic_bag_suffocate_nonfatal (236.2m) 10/16/10
7th hunt, the (2009) 2_strangle_arm_HOM (71.7m) 04/12/13
87th precinct, the floater (s01e01)_body_underwater_lake (29.1m) 11/24/13
a drowning man (2002)body_bathtub_body_handle_nonfatal (106.1m) 06/13/14
a friendship to die for (2000)_strangle_manual_nonfatal (85.7m) 01/03/11
a garrote limpio (1989) 3_1body_2neck_stab (33.0m) 04/18/09
a grande arte (1991) 1_body_slash (48.0m) 11/20/14
a lizard in a women's skin (1971)_crime_scene_throat_slash (60.6m) 04/19/09
abimm (2009)_lake_drown_nonfatal (162.7m) 12/31/12
abrazame muy fuerte (s01e135)_river_drown_nonfatal (91.8m) 07/28/11
aguila roja (s03e01)_bathtub_drown_nonfatal (110.8m) 09/03/13
agustosbocekleri agladiginda 1_anime_belly_stab (18.7m) 09/22/12
agustosbocekleri agladiginda 2_anima_stangle_manual_nonfatal (34.7m) 09/22/12
ai ching ho yueh (2004)_bathtub_drown_nonfatal (45.4m) 08/14/11
aitbaar (1985)_strangle_ligature_nonfatal (245.8m) 01/11/12
alarm für cobra 11, der perfekte mord (s06e09) pt1_crime_scene_body (116.3m) 12/25/10
alarm für cobra 11, der perfekte mord (s06e09) pt2_morgue (109.6m) 12/25/10
alarm für cobra 11, der perfekte mord (s06e09) pt3_strangle_ligature_nonfatal (110.5m) 12/25/10
alev alev (s01e01)_underwater (122.0m) 12/25/14
alfred hitchcock hour, memo from purgatory (s03e10)_belly_stab_alley (37.9m) 12/12/09
alfred hitchcock presents, silent witness (s03e05)_strangle_manual (171.0m) 12/26/10
alfred hitchcock, evil of adelaide winters (s02e16)_shot (38.9m) 09/18/10
all alone (2005)_drown_ocean_nonfatal (49.3m) 02/01/15
alles auber mord, blackout (s03e01_shot_body_woods) (61.7m) 11/12/10
alles auber mord, marion nr. 5 (s02e02)_fall_stairs_body (133.0m) 11/12/10
almost human, disrupt (s01e11)_pool_drown (69.8m) 03/04/14
amaya (s01e38)_river_drown_nonfatal (251.5m) 12/15/12
amazing stories, amazing falsworth (s01e06)_stangle_ligature_alley (30.9m) 08/13/02
amazon jail (1982)_rape_shot_woods (33.1m) 12/13/09
american gothic, the strangler (s01e20) pt1_strangle_ligature (59.0m) 10/28/09
american gothic, the strangler (s01e20) pt2_strangle_ligature (86.1m) 10/28/09
american gothic, the strangler (s01e20) pt3_strangle_manual_nonfatal (40.2m) 10/28/09
amor en custodia (s01e10)_drown_river (40.2m) 02/11/15
amores verdaderos (s00e01)_drown_pool (260.5m) 08/21/13
aquamarine (2006) 2_drown_ocean_mermaid_nonfatal (192.8m) 01/30/11
asambhav (s00e01)_strangle_ligature (24.7m) 05/03/11
attack of the virgin mummies (2004) 1_strangle_manual (29.3m) 05/08/09
attack of the virgin mummies (2004) 2_strangle_manual (31.0m) 05/08/09
avenida brasil (s00e01)_drown_bathtub (128.2m) 09/04/13
baby's room, the (2006)_ice_pick_back_head_bathtub (66.8m) 10/07/09
backwoods (2008)_injection_tied_to_chair (41.4m) 06/23/09
balearic caper (1966)_body_bathtub (35.4m) 01/01/11
bamboo house of dolls (1973)_machine_gun_bayonet_stab_back (28.8m) 12/14/09
baracuda (1978) 1_scuba_baracuda_attack (103.4m) 11/13/12
baracuda (1978) 2_baracuda_attack (82.8m) 11/14/12
barfuss (2005) 1_shower_hanging_nonfatal (61.1m) 12/14/09
barfuss (2005) 2_shower_hanging_nonfatal (52.7m) 12/14/09
bathtub suicide_cut_wrists (165.0m) 12/19/12
beast of blood (1971)_drown_quicksand_nonfatal (203.6m) 01/06/14
believers, the (1987)_electrocute (23.9m) 12/24/10
bella block, die freiheit der wolfe (s01e17)_belly_stab_body (59.7m) 03/22/11
bellamy, my fav'rit policeman (s01e10)_drown_nonfatal (112.6m) 12/24/10
betty blue (1986)_suffocate_pillow_hospital (160.8m) 12/25/10
betty kennedy_drown_pool (81.0m) 11/19/11
beyond suspicion (2003)_strangle_ligature_nonfatal (37.4m) 12/25/10
big brother cheng (1975)_strangle_ligature (92.2m) 12/17/10
black list (1995)_strangle_nonfatal (37.9m) 03/22/10
black samurai (1977)_belly_stab (21.3m) 12/25/10
black serenade (2001) 1_belly_stab (158.4m) 12/26/10
black serenade (2001) 2_hang (63.0m) 12/26/10
black widower (2006) 1_body_crime_scene (215.2m) 01/02/11
black widower (2006) 2_poison (167.0m) 01/02/11
black widower (2006) 3_suffocated_cloth (186.9m) 12/25/10
blackout,the (1997) 1_strangle (54.7m) 02/12/04
blancheville monster, the (1963)_strangle (22.9m) 12/26/10
blind obsession (2002) 1_shot (85.8m) 12/26/10
blood money (1996)_back_stab (27.6m) 12/25/10
blood of ghastly horror (1972) 1_strangle_manual (18.2m) 05/08/09
blood of ghastly horror (1972) 2_strangle_ligature (25.9m) 05/08/09
blood relatives (1978) 1_body_crime_scene (40.0m) 07/01/03
blood relatives (1978) 3a_stab (137.5m) 08/08/10
blood relatives (1978) 3b_stab (45.2m) 07/01/03
blood stained shadow, the (1978) 1_strangled_manual (50.9m) 08/15/10
blood stained shadow, the (1978) 2_strangled_manual (84.8m) 08/15/10
blood stained shadow, the (1978) 3_burned (90.9m) 08/15/10
bloodlust! (1961)_body_aquarium (17.5m) 12/18/09
bloodmoon (1990)_belly_stab (24.5m) 12/18/09
bloody psycho (1989)_drown_water_trough (91.3m) 07/28/13
blowback (2000) 1_body_crime_scene (30.4m) 12/17/09
blowback (2000) 2_back_stab_morgue (47.8m) 12/17/09
blowback (2000) 3_fall_body (32.1m) 04/21/10
blue bloods, little fish (s01e11)_body_crime_scene (96.3m) 04/22/11
blue demon contra las diabolicas (1968)_strangle_manual_morgue (25.4m) 12/17/09
blue swallow (2005)_electrocute (27.1m) 09/09/12
body of proof, pilot (s01e01)_morgue (159.4m) 09/09/12
body of proof, society hill (s01e06)_electrocute_pool_body (197.6m) 09/09/12
branded to kill (1967) 1_shot (20.9m) 04/21/10
branded to kill (1967) 2_shot (33.4m) 04/21/10
breaking bad, fifty-one (s05e04)_suicide_drown_pool (35.5m) 08/08/12
breathless (2012)_bathtub_breathholding (103.8m) 01/12/13
bride of chucky (1998)_electrocute (194.6m) 12/17/09
bride of killer nerd (1992)_strangle_manual (25.4m) 05/08/09
bruiser (2000)_hang (107.5m) 03/12/10
bunde, an american icon (2009) 1_strangle_ligature (113.9m) 05/30/09
bunde, an american icon (2009) 3_head_bash_body_handle (113.0m) 05/30/09
bunman, the untold story (1993)_rape_pussy_stab (341.9m) 08/17/13
burn notice, mixed messages (s06e02)_drown_sink_nonfatal (31.0m) 11/17/14
busty cops (2003)_electrocute (27.6m) 03/03/10
butterfly room, the (2012) 2_drown_bathtub_nonfatal (25.6m) 04/07/14
carolina moon (2007) 1_strangle_manual (63.4m) 01/02/11
carolina moon (2007) 2_strangle_manual (84.8m) 01/02/11
carolina moon (2007) 3_strangle_montage (191.4m) 01/02/11
castle of death (1971)_injection_body_handle (76.2m) 01/02/11
caucchemars (2002)_strangle_manual_throat_lift (133.7m) 09/11/12
cazadores de espias (1969)_plant_strangle (52.0m) 09/11/12
cell ii, the (2009) 1_suffocate_plastic_cpr (101.7m) 06/06/09
chameleon blue (1990)_strangle_manual (56.6m) 08/11/14
charlie's angels, lady killer (s01e08) 1_suffocate_ether_hom (55.6m) 02/25/10
charlie's angels, lady killer (s01e08) 2_suffocate_ether_hom (57.6m) 02/25/10
charlie's angels, lady killer (s01e08) 3_suffocate_ether_hom (134.2m) 02/25/10
charlie's angels, night of the strangler (s01e03) 1_strangle_with_doll (65.6m) 02/24/10
charlie's angels, night of the strangler (s01e03) 2_strangle_with_doll_body (45.7m) 02/24/10
charlie's angels, teen angels (1997) 1_strangle_ligature (15.6m) 02/19/03
charlie's angels, teen angels (1997) 2_strangle_ligature_nonfatal (12.4m) 02/19/03
cheerly night (2008)_suffocate_plastic (34.4m) 08/17/12
chekist (1992) 1_multiple_execution_head_shot_bodies (94.7m) 09/11/12
chekist (1992) 2_multiple_execution_head_shot_bodies (69.5m) 09/11/12
cimarron strip, knife in the darkness (s01e18)_throat_cut (43.1m) 04/21/10
cirue (2003)_strangle_ligature (53.1m) 09/12/12
citizen thief, the (2011)_belly_stab_drown_bathtub (62.5m) 06/16/12
city homicide, flight risk (s03e21) 1_suffocate_plastic (79.5m) 04/04/11
city homicide, flight risk (s03e21) 2_body_morgue (66.2m) 04/04/11
city homicide, flight risk (s03e21) 3_suffocate_plastic_bed_terrorize (184.3m) 04/04/11
city homicide, life after death (s02e08)_suffocate_plastic (47.0m) 04/03/11
city homicide, raising the dead (s01e14)_body_handle_strangle (133.4m) 04/03/11
city horror (2002) 1_hang (46.5m) 07/04/11
clay pigeons (1998) 1_shot_body_handle (158.6m) 12/31/10
clay pigeons (1998) 2_body_floating_lake (159.9m) 12/31/10
clay pigeons (1998) 3_back_stab_body_crime_scene (293.4m) 12/31/10
close to home, deacon (s02e04)_suffocate_plastic (37.8m) 12/31/10
coana chirita (1986)_drown_bath_tub (24.2m) 04/21/10
cold heart (2001) 1_strangle_ligature_nonfatal (195.1m) 12/31/10
cold heart (2001) 2_strangle_manual_nonfatal (59.4m) 12/31/10
cold steel (1987)_strangle_ligature_non_fatal (82.0m) 12/31/10
cold sweat (1993)_shot_chest (15.1m) 04/21/10
coldgrip (2005) 1_strangle_ligature_body_handle (145.9m) 09/12/12
coldgrip (2005) 2_suffocate_plastic (192.6m) 09/12/12
collateral damage (2002)_neck_snap_body (29.6m) 11/02/09
collector, the (2009) 1_body_morgue (99.2m) 01/16/12
collector, the (2009) 2_body_crime_scene (43.9m) 01/16/12
college girl murders, the (1967) 1_poison_spray (26.5m) 12/31/10
college girl murders, the (1967) 2_poison_spray (25.1m) 12/31/10
college murders, the (2005)_suffocate_towel (164.3m) 09/12/12
comedy of terrors, the (1964)_strangle_manual (54.7m) 09/12/12
commitment, the (2004)_hang_hair (70.1m) 09/12/12
committed (1988)_strangle_ligature_nonfatal (53.7m) 09/12/12
committed (2011) 1_strangle_ligature (88.1m) 12/16/12
committed (2011) 2_strangle_manual_nonfatal (107.5m) 12/16/12
conexion criminal (1987) 1_suffocate_HOM_body (51.9m) 09/12/12
conexion criminal (1987) 2_belly_stab (100.6m) 09/12/12
conexion criminal (1987) 3_belly_stab (65.8m) 09/12/12
confessions of a dangerous mind (2002)_poison (39.9m) 01/01/11
conspiracy (2000) 1_girl_fight_stangle_manual_nonfatal (146.6m) 09/12/12
conspiracy (2000) 2_girl_fight_strangle_manual (123.9m) 09/12/12
contract lover (2007)_drown_nonfatal_sink (64.4m) 07/19/09
contract, the (1999)_hang (32.3m) 09/12/12
convict women (1974)_drown_river_nonfatal (89.5m) 01/01/11
cook, the (2008) 1_throat_cut (109.5m) 01/01/11
cook, the (2008) 2_corkscrew_neck (76.2m) 01/01/11
cook, the (2008) 3_back_stab (41.2m) 01/01/11
cool dimension, innocent assassin (2006)_suffocate_plastic (107.9m) 09/12/12
cool surface, the (1994) 1_strangle_manual_throat_lift_nonfatal (122.2m) 09/12/12
cool surface, the (1994) 2_head_bash (83.2m) 09/12/12
cop (1988)_body_crime_scene (17.4m) 09/12/12
copycat (1995) 2_suffocate_plastic_body_crime_scene (149.4m) 01/01/11
copycat killer (2002)_head_bash_body_carry (90.8m) 09/12/12
cost of living (1997)_belly_stab (79.6m) 09/13/12
crawling hand, the (1966)_strangle_manual_nonfatal (43.3m) 09/13/12
craze (1974) 3_burn (114.4m) 09/15/14
crazy desires of a murderer (1977)_stab_body_crime_scene (82.9m) 08/24/10
creature from the black lagoon (1954)_drown_nonfatal (121.2m) 07/24/12
crime of kiyoshi okubo, the (1983)_strangle_manual (27.6m) 09/13/12
crimen en el puerto (1991)_neck_break_body_handle (38.5m) 09/13/12
crimenes de pasion (1995)_strangle_manual_couch (119.8m) 09/13/12
crimes en serie, le deciple (s01e11) pt2_body_crime_scene (155.8m) 09/13/12
crimes en serie, le deciple (s01e11) pt3_drown_tabk (372.7m) 09/13/12
crimes en serie, le deciple (s01e11) pt4_drown_sink (98.3m) 09/13/12
crimes en serie, le deciple (s01e11) pt7_body_crime_scene (64.1m) 09/13/12
criminal minds, sense memory (s06e14) pt3_drown_tabk_body_crime_scene (99.9m) 04/09/11
crossing jordan, murder in the rue morgue (s04e11)_shot_chest (41.3m) 09/13/12
crossing jordan, pilot (s01e01) 1_body_crime_scene (121.5m) 12/10/09
crossing jordan, strangled (s02e13) 1_morgue (109.5m) 09/13/12
crossing jordan, strangled (s02e13) 2_strangled_ligature (60.5m) 09/13/12
crossing jordan, tie that binds (s01e03)_strangled_ligature (74.3m) 09/13/12
crossroads (2001)_drown_nonfatal_catfight (59.3m) 09/13/12
crushed (2009) 1_throatcut_shower_underwater_bathtub (103.9m) 03/13/11
crushed (2009) 2_strangle_ligature_nonfatal_belly_stab_reach (85.3m) 03/13/11
csi monster in the box (s07e16) pt1_body_crimescene_suffocate_gas (80.5m) 03/07/10
csi monster in the box (s07e16) pt2_body_crime_scene (160.0m) 03/07/10
csi the strip strangler (s01e23)_morgue (84.5m) 12/17/09
cuenta atras, cala toix (s02e04)_drown_ocean_nonfatal (131.2m) 12/21/09
cult, in the blood (s01e01)_drown_well_nonfatal (35.7m) 03/02/13
cut (2000) 1_axe_chest (106.3m) 12/31/10
cut (2000) 2_slash_decapitate (171.7m) 12/31/10
cyrus, mind of a serial killer (2010)_strangle_manual_body (38.5m) 08/10/10
dalziel and pascoe, a killing kindness (s02e02)_drown_lake (146.9m) 04/18/10
dangerous pleasures (2003)_strangle_ligature_nonfatal (69.7m) 10/07/10
dark secrets (1988)_suffocate_plastic (121.3m) 02/08/10
dark shadows (angela strangled)_manual (49.5m) 09/14/12
dark woods (2010) 1_strangle_manual_nonfatal (58.8m) 02/27/11
dark woods (2010) 2_suffocate_HOM (92.8m) 02/27/11
darkest hour (2005)_strangle_ligature_death_stare (39.8m) 09/14/12
das letzte schweigen (2010) 1_strangle_manual (222.5m) 03/21/11
das letzte schweigen (2010) 2_body (77.7m) 03/21/11
daydream gone wrong (2008)_shower_strangle_manual (83.4m) 09/02/12
dead romantic (1992)_strangle_manual_nonfatal (250.1m) 09/16/12
deadly obsession (1987) 1_shower_poison_body (225.5m) 09/21/12
deadly obsession (1987) 2_strangle_ligature_nonfatal (42.1m) 09/21/12
deadly obsession (1987) 3_drown_pool_nonfatal (133.1m) 09/21/12
deadly vision_strangle (31.1m) 09/21/12
deadly women, love gone wrong (s04e12)_strangle (43.3m) 03/02/13
deadly women, the class project (s01e16)_drown (367.9m) 11/02/14
death penalty_shot_strangle (37.2m) 03/04/15
death takes a holiday_drown_lake (125.5m) 07/28/13
deep blood_drown_oceab (129.4m) 09/21/12
deeply1_drown_lake (32.7m) 11/29/09
deeply2_body (77.1m) 09/12/09
deeply3_drown_lake (21.7m) 09/12/09
demon, the1_suffocate_plasctic (127.0m) 09/22/12
demon, the2_suffocate_nonfatal (118.3m) 09/22/12
demon, the3_attack_body_carry_body_bed (227.6m) 09/22/12
demon, the4_shower_attack_nonfatal (94.9m) 09/22/12
der alte, die verlorene wette (s26e06)_shot_belly (53.9m) 09/11/10
der bulle von tolz, (unknown episode) 1_strangle (66.6m) 09/22/12
der bulle von tolz, (unknown episode) 2_strangle (65.4m) 09/22/12
der letzte zeuge, die handschrift des mörders (s09e01) 1_body_crime_scene_morgue (184.2m) 09/23/12
der letzte zeuge, die handschrift des mörders (s09e01) 2_suffocate_plastic_nonfatal (112.0m) 09/23/12
der letzte zeuge, tödliche lust (s09e02)_body_crime_scene (193.8m) 04/01/10
der letzte zeuge, töte den feind deines feindes (s02e06)_crime_scene_hang_body (102.6m) 09/11/10
der letzte zeuge, wenn das böse erwacht (s01e06) 1_morgue (296.1m) 10/15/09
der letzte zeuge, wenn das böse erwacht (s01e06) 2_morgue (217.7m) 10/15/09
der letzte zeuge, wenn sich zwei monde (s01e05) 1_car_hit_morgue (91.2m) 09/11/10
der letzte zeuge, wenn sich zwei monde (s01e05) 2_stab (247.1m) 09/11/10
der letzte zeuge, wenn sich zwei monde (s01e05) 3_body_crime_scene_morgue (64.2m) 09/11/10
desperate living_drown_bowl_dog_food (42.2m) 09/23/12
destination miami, objective murder_body_bathtub (25.6m) 09/23/12
devonsville terror, the_suffocate_pillow (100.2m) 09/24/12
diabolical dr. z, the_Suffocate_HOM_body_handle_injection (110.5m) 05/02/12
diabolique_strangle (63.0m) 10/09/10
diagnosis murder, murder by the book (s03e16)_body_bathtub_bag (50.2m) 04/30/12
diary of a madman (1963)_stab_chest (42.7m) 09/26/12
diary of death, the (2004) 1_strangle_ligature_bed (58.9m) 09/27/12
diary of death, the (2004) 2_suffocate_pillow_bed (28.9m) 09/27/12
diary of death, the (2004) 3_body_crime_scene (54.5m) 09/27/12
diary of death, the (2004) 4_strangle_car_seatbelt_body_handle_death_stare (80.5m) 09/27/12
dias de combate (1982) 1_strangle_manual (36.6m) 09/28/12
dias de combate (1982) 2_strangle_manual_nonfatal (91.2m) 09/28/12
dias de combate (1982) 3_strangle_manual_movie_theatre (41.8m) 09/28/12
die cleveren, das morderkind (s01e05) pt1_fall_body (71.9m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, das morderkind (s01e05) pt2_fall_body (135.3m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, der drache (s01e06) pt1_stab_back_body_handle (108.9m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, der drache (s01e06) pt2_stab_back_body (85.5m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, der fetischist (s02e03) pt1_fall_body_handle (103.8m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, der fetischist (s02e03) pt2_strangle_manual_crime_scene (337.6m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, der fetischist (s02e03) pt3_strangle_manual_non_fatal_foot_fetish (196.4m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, der lebensretter (s02e06) pt1_strangle_ligature_scarf_body (160.8m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, der lebensretter (s02e06) pt2_injection_body_handle_morgue (160.7m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, der lebensretter (s02e06) pt3_head_bash_body_crime_scene (196.8m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, der rosenkavalier (s02e02) pt1_stab_chest_body_crime_scene_death_stare (104.8m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, der rosenkavalier (s02e02) pt2_body_crime_scene (37.3m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, der rosenkavalier (s02e02) pt3_atack_body_crime_scene (180.7m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, der vampir (s03e04)_neck_bite_body_crime_scene_river (102.0m) 07/28/10
die cleveren, die ikone (s01e04) pt1_attack_body_scrime_scene (288.6m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, die ikone (s01e04) pt2_body_crime_scene (170.0m) 03/02/11
die cleveren, die jagd (s02e04) pt1_shot_chest_body_crime_scene (69.7m) 07/26/10
die cleveren, die jagd (s02e04) pt2_drown_bathtub_nonfatal (254.8m) 07/26/10
die cleveren, die jagd (s02e04) pt3_shot_back (126.6m) 07/26/10
die cleveren, gier (s01e07)_head_shot_body_death_stare (83.9m) 03/02/11
die cleveren, jungfrauenschnaps (s03e01) pt1_body_crime_scene_morgue (65.9m) 07/28/10
die cleveren, jungfrauenschnaps (s03e01) pt2_body_water_tank (37.9m) 07/28/10
die cleveren, killer im netz (s02e05) pt1_body_handle (109.1m) 07/28/10
die cleveren, killer im netz (s02e05) pt2_body_trunk_morgue (97.2m) 07/28/10
die cleveren, muttergluck (s01e02)_bathtub_underwater_body_drown_pool (221.9m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, phoenix aus der asche (s03e05)_body_bed (210.8m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, schach der dame (s01e03)_strangle_manual_body_handle (72.5m) 03/02/11
die cleveren, sorgen einer mutter (s03e08) pt2_strangle_manual_nonfatal (128.2m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, spiegelbilder (s02e07) pt1_body_crime_scene_bathroom (77.9m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, spiegelbilder (s02e07) pt2_pool_drown_nonfatal_neck_stab (137.1m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, stuttgart rot (s03e06) pt1_body_crime_scene_plastic_covered (114.6m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, stuttgart rot (s03e06) pt2_body_floor (35.2m) 07/25/10
die cleveren, todesspiel (s05e03)_HOM_head_bash_body_crime_scene (133.1m) 08/18/10
donor (1990)_strangle_ligature_hospital (15.3m) 11/17/03
donor (1996)_drown_bathtub (119.6m) 03/23/11
dorm wars, suffer (2004)_electrocute_bathtun (17.2m) 02/19/11
double zero (2004)_stingray_attack_pool (24.3m) 07/19/09
dr. giggles (1992) 1_throat_tube_drill (116.5m) 10/15/10
dr. giggles (1992) 2_electrocute_defibriltator_neck_break (445.8m) 10/15/10
dr. orloff's invisible monster (1971) 1_strangle_manual (26.2m) 07/29/11
dr. orloff's invisible monster (1971) 2_strangle_manual (27.6m) 07/29/11
dr. orloff's invisible monster (1971) 3_strangle_manual (24.8m) 07/29/11
dr. satan versus black magic (1968)_strangle_manual (20.9m) 10/16/10
dracula (2001) 1_impale_stake (25.3m) 01/10/04
dracula (2001) 2_decapitate (12.0m) 01/10/04
dracula (2001) 3_decapitate (11.2m) 01/10/04
drag me to hell (2009)_attack_car_backseat_nonfatal (111.8m) 10/26/09
dream lover (1994) 2_strangle_manual (128.2m) 01/31/10
dresden files, storm front (s01e08)_throat_lift_strangle_manual_nonfatal (31.0m) 10/16/10
drowned ghost (korea)_drowned_bathtub_wrapped_shower_curtain (44.3m) 07/20/12
drowned in bathtub (2013) (rapelover.com) (120.3m) 03/03/13
dunwich horror, the (2009)_drown_cave_nonfatal (63.0m) 07/22/09
durham county (s01e01)_knockout_drink_poison_bodty_handle (345.7m) 11/11/09
durham county (s01e02)_beat_body_handle (173.9m) 11/11/09
eastenders (s01e1103)_bucket_drown_nonfatal (100.3m) 02/05/15
edgar wallace, face of the frog (1959)_machine_gun (30.2m) 09/19/10
edgar wallace, the hunchback of soho (1966) 3_morgue (82.6m) 07/09/11
edgar wallace, the zombie walks (1968) 1_poison_needle_body_bed (76.1m) 05/15/14
edgar wallace, the zombie walks (1968) 2_poison_needle_body (117.3m) 05/15/14
edge of darkness, compassionate leave (s01e01)_shot_belly (128.3m) 11/12/10
edge of madness (2002)_drown_bathtub_nonfatal (18.7m) 10/01/09
el brazo mortal (1996) 1_strangle_manual_woods (92.5m) 12/15/09
el brazo mortal (1996) 2_strangle_manual_nonfatal (99.5m) 12/15/09
el brazo mortal (1996) 3_strangle_manual_nonfatal (75.5m) 12/15/09
el brazo mortal (1996) 4_strangle_manual_neck_snap_bed (284.2m) 12/15/09
el brazo mortal (1996) 5_strangle_manual (121.6m) 12/15/09
el dia de los albaniles iii (1987) 1_stab_belly_body (59.0m) 03/05/10
el dia de los albaniles iii (1987) 2_strangle_manual (22.8m) 03/05/10
el hijo del tahur (2003)_strangle_manual (34.1m) 09/18/10
el juego de la vida (2002)_strangle_manual_nonfatal (39.4m) 02/06/10
el juego de la vida (2009)_strangle_manual_ (25.9m) 12/21/09
el mas villano (unknown) 1_strangle_manual (16.8m) 09/18/10
el mas villano (unknown) 2_electrocute_bathtub (16.1m) 09/18/10
el precio de nuestra sangre (2000) 1_neck_snap (46.8m) 10/03/10
el precio de nuestra sangre (2000) 2_strangle_manual (70.6m) 10/03/10
el taquero (2004)_strangle_ligature (140.4m) 10/02/10
el tesoro de moctezuma (1968) 1_shot (40.9m) 04/23/10
el tesoro de moctezuma (1968) 2_underwater_play_pool (48.3m) 09/24/10
elizaveta boyarskaya_drown_aquarium (18.5m) 09/14/09
emma akma yunus_drown_lake (73.9m) 05/01/13
emmerdale farm (s01e20141103)_drown_bucket_apples_nonfatal (98.7m) 11/20/14
empty bench (2006)_drown_pool (24.9m) 11/12/10
en el nombre del diablo (2002)_strangle_manual (25.7m) 09/18/10
en la mira de mi gatillo (2001)_strangle_throat_lift (45.0m) 11/30/10
en peligro de muerte (1988)_drown_quicksand_nonfatal (141.1m) 09/18/10
end game (2006) 1_drown_lake_nonfatal (69.5m) 09/18/10
end game (2006) 2_drown_lake_nonfatal (57.3m) 09/18/10
end of violence, the (1997)_underwater_swim (33.2m) 12/13/12
engal anna (2004)_drown_pool (51.8m) 12/18/12
enquetes reservees (s03e07)_drown_scuba (78.5m) 06/20/13
entrails of a virgin (1986) 1_rape_hand_to_belly (126.6m) 04/21/10
entrails of a virgin (1986) 2_rape (56.4m) 04/21/10
entrails of a virgin (1986) 3_disembowel_chainsaw (107.5m) 04/22/10
entre el amor y el odio (2002)_strangle_nonfatal (202.0m) 09/18/10
epitaph (1987)_belly_torture (212.4m) 09/18/10
equalizer, in the money (s03e04)_car_hit (131.8m) 09/18/10
erotic obsessions (2002)_strangle_ligature_nonfatal (108.9m) 09/18/10
escape act (short)_drown_aquarium (15.0m) 12/19/12
escape velocity (1999)_drown_lake_nonfatal (81.3m) 10/31/12
escort iii, the (1999) 2_drown_bathtub (71.3m) 10/24/13
estate of panic, concept short (2009)_drown_room_nonfatal (22.0m) 09/18/10
eternal (2004) 1_spirit_steal_neck_bite (301.8m) 12/06/09
eternal (2004) 2_neck_stab_neck_bite (119.6m) 02/08/11
eternal (2004) 3_head_bash (393.4m) 12/06/09
eternal (2004) 4_multiple_bodies_pool_of_blood (230.9m) 02/08/11
eureka, shower the people (s03e15) 1_drown_car_body (97.9m) 08/23/09
eureka, shower the people (s03e15) 2_drown_room_body (72.4m) 08/23/09
eureka, shower the people (s03e15) 3_drown_hot_tub_body (39.3m) 08/23/09
eureka, shower the people (s03e15) 4_drown_elevator_nonfatal (128.5m) 08/23/09
eureka, shower the people (s03e15) 5_drown_tank_nonfatal (128.8m) 08/23/09
eureka, what goes around comes around (s03e18)_drown_pool_nonfatal (96.2m) 09/26/11
event, i haven't told you everything (s01e01)_unerwater_peril_ocean_nonfatal (60.7m) 11/19/10
evil touch, the upper hand (s01e08)_fall_impale_body (28.2m) 09/18/10
evil town (1987)_suffocate_pillow (16.6m) 05/08/09
exclusive (1992)_strangle_nonfatal (89.3m) 09/18/10
expendables, the (2010)_waterboarding (33.6m) 11/19/10
experiment in terror (1962)_terror_lcoekd_wall (62.3m) 07/16/02
extreme killing (2003) 1_arrow_through_neck_bed (7.6m) 08/06/03
extreme killing (2003) 2_machete_2girls_back_neck (6.0m) 08/06/03
extreme killing (2003) 3_axe_head (8.6m) 08/06/03
eye of the beast (2007)_underwater_peril_nonfatal (58.8m) 09/18/10
eye of the dolphin (2006) 1_water_peril_nonfatal (110.0m) 02/16/10
eye of the dolphin (2006) 2_underwater_nice_legs (146.0m) 02/16/10
eye of the needle (1981)_stab_belly (27.8m) 09/18/10
eye, the (2002) 1_hang (19.9m) 10/31/03
eye, the (2002) 2_hang_nonfatal (35.5m) 10/31/03
eyeball (1975) 4_throat_cut_bathroom (32.7m) 09/18/10
fantasy island, devil and mr. roarke (s05e02)_quicksand_nonfatal (73.5m) 10/24/10
fatal affair (2011)_strangle_manual (205.1m) 04/22/12
fatal charm (1991) 1_strangle_ligature (30.1m) 09/30/09
fatal charm (1991) 2_strangle_ligature (65.6m) 09/30/09
fatal desire (2006) 1_rape (76.4m) 02/27/10
fatal instinct (1993)_drown_bathtub (41.4m) 11/26/14
fear of fear (1975)_pool_sexy_orange_bikini (87.2m) 09/19/10
fellowship of the frog (1959)_machine_gun (30.2m) 09/19/10
female mercenaries on zombie island ii (2008)_drown_lake (194.6m) 06/22/14
femme fatale (2002) 3_drown_river (134.9m) 12/01/11
fickende fische (2002)_underwater_play (86.8m) 01/11/11
fiend, the (1980) 1_strangle_manual (30.9m) 01/03/11
fiend, the (1980) 2_strangle_manual (41.4m) 01/03/11
fiend, the (1980) 3_strangle_ligature_throat_lift (40.8m) 01/03/11
fifth floor, the (1978) 3b_drown_bathtub_nonfatal (206.7m) 01/03/11
filmmakers, the (custom)_girlfight_drown_pool (125.4m) 06/20/10
final curtain, the (2007) 1_strangle_ligature (17.1m) 09/16/09
final draft (2007)_electrocute_bathtub (46.2m) 11/26/09
final move (2006)_electrocute (18.7m) 12/01/10
fish child, the (2009)_underwater_peril_river (72.8m) 02/10/11
flagrant desir (1985)_drown_lake_body (311.1m) 02/21/10
flareup (1969)_shot (22.0m) 01/03/11
flash gordon, lobstermen from mars (1938)_bathtub_peril (161.8m) 01/03/11
flashfire hd vers (1981)_drown_ocean (44.3m) 01/07/13
flesh and the fiends, the (1959)_suffocate_HOM (96.8m) 11/02/12
flesh eaters (1964)_stab_chest (17.9m) 01/20/03
flight of black angel (1991)_strangle_arm (125.0m) 09/12/10
flinch (1994) 1_strangle_manual (361.4m) 03/24/10
flinch (1994) 2_back_break (79.4m) 03/24/10
flipper, a fine romance (s03e01)_underwater_scuba_peril_nonfatal (503.2m) 02/03/05
flipper, flipper and the elephant (s01e24)_underwater_scuba (61.2m) 11/01/12
flowers in the attic (1987)_hang (35.5m) 01/02/10
footballers wives (season 4)_strangle_manual_nonfatal (212.4m) 09/09/10
fora de controle (s01e01)_drown_pool (232.9m) 12/13/12
forever knight, last knight (s03e22)_bathtub_suicide_wrist_cut_undewater (101.3m) 09/27/13
forever knight, love you to death (s01e22)_suffocate_pillow_nonfatal (129.3m) 09/27/13
four musketeers, the (1974)_strangle_ligature_death_stare (19.8m) 01/03/11
fourth protocol (1987)_shot_belly_body (19.7m) 01/20/03
foxy brown (1974)_throat_cut (22.0m) 01/03/11
foyle's war, killing time (s07e02)_strangle_manual (98.2m) 09/30/10
framed for murder (2006) 1_strangle_ligature_body_hang (157.3m) 10/05/07
framed for murder (2006) 2_stab_back_head (30.8m) 10/05/07
friday the 13th, a new beginning (1985)_strangle_throat_lift_stab_belly (51.6m) 06/25/11
fright (1971)_strangle_manual_nonfatal (39.3m) 11/26/09
from beyond (1986)_laboratory_peril_nonfatal (67.0m) 01/03/11
frozen scream (1975) 2_axe_head (27.6m) 11/19/14
g-men '75, fukushu no merod (s04e16) 1_drown_ocean_scubaman (104.5m) 11/30/14
game of thrones (s00e01)_strangle_ligature_bed (148.5m) 11/14/14
general hospital (s00e01)_shower_peril_nonfatal (68.7m) 07/21/13
general hospital (s01e11445)_strangle_ligature (52.1m) 03/03/12
general hospital (s01e11483)_strangle_ligature_nonfatal (84.3m) 03/03/12
ghost actress (1996)_fall_body (8.1m) 02/09/03
ghost of the needle (2003) 3_body_handle_plastic_encasing_suffocate_vacuum (72.5m) 10/07/13
ghost ship (2002)_underwater_peril_ocean_nonfatal (156.2m) 09/22/11
ghost, the (2004) 1_drown_water_injection (91.5m) 09/02/12
ghost, the (2004) 2_drown_pool_nonfatal (60.2m) 09/02/12
ghost, the (2004) 3_drown_bed (114.9m) 09/02/12
ghost, the (2004) 4_drown_lake (283.3m) 09/03/12
ghoulies iii, ghoulies go to college_shower_plunger_suffocate (302.0m) 11/09/09
giallo (2009) 3_hammer_head (25.5m) 08/23/09
giallo (2009) 4_bloody_car_trunk (80.9m) 08/23/09
girl boss revenge (1973) 1_torture (109.1m) 06/11/12
girl boss revenge (1973) 2_torture (40.8m) 06/11/12
girl boss revenge (1973) 3_girl_fight (83.5m) 06/11/12
girl boss revenge (1973) 4_strangle_manual_body (33.0m) 10/31/11
girl from b.i.k.i.n.i. (2007)_dart_die_eating_pussy (42.2m) 09/03/12
girl on the bridge (1999)_jump_river_underwater_nonfatal (83.0m) 02/02/11
glass shoes, the (2005)_hang_suicide_nonfatal (99.3m) 12/21/12
glass web, the (1953)_strangle_manual (25.8m) 12/05/09
goalie's anxiety at the penalty kick, the (1972)_strangle_manual_bed (85.7m) 06/09/11
godson, the (1971)_shot_chest_bed (48.8m) 12/05/09
goldfinger (1964)_painted_gold_body (287.8m) 12/05/09
gone dark (2004)_suffocate_bag_beat_nonfatal (39.8m) 03/17/10
good guys and bad guys, the (1996)_poison_sauna (17.7m) 12/14/03
good morning killer (2011)_suffocate_HOM_nonfatal (152.3m) 02/08/12
good wife, the (s01e01)_ocean_cannot_swim_nonfatal (38.6m) 10/17/10
gore in venice (1979)_pussy_stab (22.5m) 09/03/12
gorgasm (1990)_strangle_ligature (87.9m) 09/03/12
goth (2008) 2_hang_suicide (48.2m) 08/17/12
grande, the_hang_execution (10.7m) 09/03/12
granitsa, tayozhnyy roman (2001)_quicksand_nonfatal (109.1m) 03/04/11
granny, the (1995)_suffocate_plastic_car (33.1m) 02/10/10
grave misconduct (2008)_suffocate_gas (135.3m) 10/20/10
graveyard, the (2006) 2_suffocate_plastic_throat_lift (28.5m) 09/03/12
gray's anatomy (2009) christina attacked_strangled_maual_nonfatal (26.6m) 09/03/12
green-eyed monster (2002)_drown_pool_nonfatal (261.5m) 05/31/09
grievous bodily harm (1988)_strangle_manual (49.1m) 02/06/10
grim reaper (2007)_hang (35.6m) 12/05/09
grimm (2003)_suffocate_HOM (24.1m) 09/03/12
grimm, one night stand (s03e04)_drown_lake_nonfatal (63.9m) 11/17/13
grotesque_stab_belly (31.7m) 09/03/12
grudge ii, the (2006)_neck_break (145.3m) 08/05/10
guiding light, the (s00e01)_drown_nonfatal (46.5m) 07/14/12
gulaal (s01e123)_drown_lake_nonfatal (170.9m) 05/06/11
gumnaam,the mystery (2008) 1_suffocate_plastic_bag_car (38.3m) 11/13/09
gute zeiten, schlechte zeiten (s01e5575)_drown_lake_nonfatal (103.7m) 11/19/14
halifax fp, a murder of crows (s01e14) pt1_shower_nonfatal (42.0m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, a murder of crows (s01e14) pt2_throat_cut_nonfatal (217.6m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, a murder of crows (s01e14) pt3_beat (218.8m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, isn't it romantic (s01e11) pt1_body_crim_scene_morgue (180.1m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, isn't it romantic (s01e11) pt2_body (121.9m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, isn't it romantic (s01e11) pt3_photo_session_peril (165.6m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, isn't it romantic (s01e11) pt4_strangle_manual_nonfatal (104.6m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, lies of the mind (s01e06) pt1_head_bash_drown_pool (57.1m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, lies of the mind (s01e06) pt2_strangle_manual_nonfatal (115.5m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, someone you know (s01e13) pt1_head_bash_drown_bathtub (177.9m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, someone you know (s01e13) pt2_body_bathtub (99.5m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, someone you know (s01e13) pt3_head_bash_drown_bathtub (148.5m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, someone you know (s01e13) pt4_head_bash_drown_bathtub_nonfatal (317.4m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, someone you know (s01e13) pt5_head_bash_drown_bathtub_nonfatal (131.9m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, someone you know (s01e13) pt6_strangle_manual_nonfatal (146.3m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, swimming with sharks (s01e15) pt1_attack_rape (40.8m) 05/11/12
halifax fp, swimming with sharks (s01e15) pt2_attack_rape (74.0m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, swimming with sharks (s01e15) pt3_attack_rape (51.2m) 05/11/12
halifax fp, swimming with sharks (s01e15) pt4hang_nonfatal (81.6m) 08/24/12
halifax fp, the feeding (s01e03) pt1_body_crime_scene (117.4m) 03/26/11
halifax fp, the feeding (s01e03) pt2_body_crime_scene (138.2m) 03/26/11
halifax fp, the feeding (s01e03) pt4_strangle_ligature_nonfatal (617.8m) 03/26/11
halifax fp, without consent (s01e07) pt1_milk_boarding_nonfatal (83.6m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, without consent (s01e07) pt2_milk_boarding_nonfatal (162.5m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, without consent (s01e07) pt3_strangle_manual_nonfatal (164.8m) 03/27/11
halifax fp, without consent (s01e07) pt4_drown_sink_nonfatal (61.7m) 03/27/11
hamlet (ophelia)_drown_bathtub (187.4m) 08/25/10
hancock (2008)_ER_stab_wound (57.7m) 02/13/10
hands of orlac, the (1960)_iron_maiden_magic_trick_fail (38.1m) 02/13/10
hands of the ripper, the (1971) 1_throat_cut (152.0m) 09/08/09
hands of the ripper, the (1971) 2_stab_eye_knitting_needles (131.4m) 09/08/09
hanky panky (1982)_body_shot (30.3m) 04/21/10
happy birthday to me (1981) 8_stab_belly (210.6m) 01/31/11
happy face murders (1999)_body_crime_scene_morgue (94.7m) 04/29/11
happy new year (1986)_suffocate_HOM_body_handle (133.0m) 05/13/11
hard bounty (1995)_strangle_ligature (94.3m) 04/03/11
harem (1986) 1_drown_fountain (163.4m) 09/01/10
harem (1986) 2_drown_ocean_burlap_sack_nonfatal (145.2m) 09/01/10
harsh realm, cincinnati (s01e08)_hang_nonfatal (61.4m) 08/24/12
harvesters (2001) 1_neck_break_girlfight (70.4m) 04/21/10
harvesters (2001) 2_body_gas_bound_nonfatal (30.0m) 04/21/10
haunting, the (1963)_hang_suicide (62.7m) 02/13/10
haven't we met before (2002)_hang_nonfatal (105.0m) 02/13/10
hawaii five-o, i'll kill 'em again (s07e03)_stab_back (43.1m) 03/04/15
hayalet avcisi (anima)_strangle_manual_nonfatal (11.3m) 02/08/12
he knows you're alone (1980) 1_stab_back_theatre (22.3m) 04/18/03
he knows you're alone (1980) 2_stab_belly (14.4m) 04/18/03
he loves me, he loves me not (2002)_body_death_stare (40.9m) 11/29/10
hear no evil (1993)_strangle_manual_nonfatal (218.7m) 04/22/10
heart and soul (1994)_drown_quicksand_nonfatal (77.6m) 02/13/10
heart of stone (2001) 1_stab_chest_hotel_bed (68.6m) 06/01/09
heart of stone (2001) 3_stab_clothes_cut_off (71.6m) 06/01/09
heathers (1988) 1_poison (299.1m) 10/31/14
heathers (1988) 2_hang_nonfatal (143.3m) 10/31/14
heaven can help (1984)_strangle_manual_nonfatal (9.0m) 01/04/11
hell asylum (2002)_strangle_manual (13.7m) 04/13/02
hell night (1981)_decapitate_bed (120.7m) 09/21/10
hellblock 13, watery grave (1999)_stab_chest_lake (102.6m) 10/03/09
hellhole (1985) 2_strangle_ligature_nonfatal (103.1m) 08/03/11
hellraiser (1987)_stab_belly (40.0m) 04/22/10
hellraiser iv bloodline (1996)_strangle_ligature (105.2m) 09/03/09
help (2010)_drown_bathtub (36.6m) 04/23/14
helter skelter murders (1970)_hang (50.3m) 03/26/03
hemel (2012)_strangle_manual_rape_nonfatal (110.1m) 07/20/12
hemlock grove, unicorn (s02e08)_drown_bathtub_nonfatal (88.4m) 07/18/14
her last chance (1996)_drown_pool_nonfatal (200.6m) 09/21/10
hercules, legendary journeys (1995-1999)_drown_quicksand_nonfatal (249.4m) 09/21/10
hero and the terror (1988) 1_neck_snap_body_drag_bathroom (79.7m) 09/22/10
hero and the terror (1988) 2_neck_snap_bathroom (130.6m) 09/22/10
hero and the terror (1988) 3_neck_snap_car (78.6m) 09/22/10
hetzjagd durch deutschland, der (1999)_shot (67.0m) 04/22/10
hide and seek (2005) 3_body_bathtub (43.8m) 04/21/10
highwayman, the (2000)_car_peril_nonfatal (98.4m) 04/21/10
hills have eyes, the i (2006)_shot_belly (25.5m) 04/22/10
hills have eyes, the ii (2007)_strangle_throat_lift_nonfatal (34.2m) 04/22/10
hindsight (2009)_syringe_poison_neck_nonfatal (38.9m) 05/31/09
hinter gittern (s00e13)_strangle_ligature_nonfatal (41.2m) 04/01/12
hinter gittern, die falsche grafin (s04e14)_syringe_poison (41.6m) 04/01/12
hinter gittern, die rote mamba (s15e09)_hang_nonfatal (276.4m) 04/01/12
hinter gittern, quittung fur kalle (s12e08)_drown_sink_nonfatal (46.8m) 11/05/11
hipnos (2004) 3_drown_ocean_body (101.2m) 09/07/09
hipnos (2004) 4_drown_bathtub_scream_nonfatal (42.6m) 09/07/09
hipnos (2004) 5_drown_bathtub_suicide (28.4m) 09/07/09
hispania, la leyenda (2010)_strangle_manual_nonfatal (153.9m) 09/06/12
hitcher in the dark (1978) 1_stab_neck_body_handle (165.9m) 01/02/10
hitchhiker, man of her dreams (s03e12)_strangle_manual_woods (119.5m) 03/10/10
hitchhiker, perfect order (s04e01)_drown_water_tank_nonfatal (156.4m) 11/23/14
hitchhiker, renaissance (s05e06) pt1_body_hang_motel (193.3m) 03/10/10
hitchhiker, renaissance (s05e06) pt2_stab_belly_motel (24.7m) 12/22/10
hollyoaks (s01e2906)_bondage_kidnap_peril (190.2m) 10/16/10
hollyoaks (s01e2907)_drown_lake (103.2m) 07/02/09
hollywood flies (2004)_suffocate_HOM_chloroform (54.0m) 04/23/10
home and away (s00e01)_ocean_scuba_peril (166.3m) 08/17/12
home movie (2008)_body_handle_drag (40.9m) 04/19/09
home sweet home (2005)_strangle_manual_nonfatal (63.1m) 08/17/12
homecoming (2009) 1_kidnap_head_bash_nonfatal (905.8m) 09/18/09
homecoming (2009) 2_foot_torture (644.5m) 04/11/11
homicide, strangled not stirred (s06e19) pt1_strangle_ligature_bed (197.0m) 09/22/10
homicide, strangled not stirred (s06e19) pt2_strangle_ligature_bed (599.7m) 12/05/09
honeymoon of horror (1964)_strangle_manual_nonfatal (65.3m) 03/11/10
horoscope ii, the woman from hell (2000) 2_drown_pool_resuscitate (116.3m) 10/21/14
horrorfest (2007)_drown_pool (26.2m) 04/02/12
horrors of spider island (1960)_drown_body_handle (454.5m) 08/08/14
hostage (2002)_drown_car_trunk_resuscitate (31.5m) 10/01/09
hostel ii (2007)_hung_upside_down_over_tub_sliced_and_cut_bathe_in_blood (191.0m) 12/05/09
hot box, the (1972)_strip_rape (155.5m) 09/22/10
hot shots, writ of habeas corpse (s01e10)_drown_pool_resuscitate (93.8m) 03/18/12
hound of the baskervilles, the (1959)_drown_quicksand (42.4m) 12/05/09
house iii, the horror show (1989) 1_hang (17.9m) 07/25/11
house of death (1982)_suffocate_bag (106.5m) 07/25/11
house of seven corpses (1974)_stab_chest (14.8m) 07/25/11
house of the dead (2003) 1_drown_lake_nonfatal (75.7m) 09/22/10
house of usher, the (2008) 1_drown_bathtub_nonfatal (50.5m) 09/30/10
house of usher, the (2008) 2_drown_tank (119.3m) 09/30/10
house of whipcord (1974)_hang_execution (38.5m) 07/25/11
house on edge of the park, the (1980)_strangle_manual_car (48.5m) 07/26/11
house that jack built, the (2009)_drown_bathtub_stab_drill (52.0m) 09/28/14
housemaid, the (2010) 4_hang_burn_fire (81.9m) 03/21/11
how to drown dr. mracek, the lawyer (1974)_drown_pool (18.6m) 01/29/11
huida al infierno (1999)_throat_cut (380.9m) 11/28/07
hurt 2009_drown_lake (63.1m) 09/24/13
hysteria (1998)_suffocate_chest_squeeze_ocean (223.7m) 09/22/10
ilsa, harem keeper of the oil sheiks (1976)_body_coffin (56.0m) 08/31/10
ilsa, she wolf of the ss (1975)_hang_melted_ice_cube (31.2m) 03/25/10
imprint (s01e120)_drown_bathtub (252.5m) 08/26/13
imprint (s06e17)_drown_bathtub (109.5m) 08/25/13
imprint (s06e36)_suffocate_plastic (86.2m) 08/25/13
imprint (s07e58)_drown_bathtub (233.7m) 08/25/13
imprint (s08e30)_body_bathtub_cut_wrist (116.3m) 08/25/13
in deep, untouched ii (2002)_drown_pool_nonfatal (192.8m) 11/06/10
in the devil's garden (1971)_strangle_manual_nonfatal_bedroom (12.9m) 10/17/10
in the lake in the woods (1996)_drown_lake_boat_explode (11.3m) 03/15/03
in the line of fire (1993)_neck_snap (35.6m) 11/06/10
in too deep (web video)_drown_pool (103.3m) 09/12/12
incredible 2-headed transplant, the (1971) 2_strangle_manual_throat_lift (50.5m) 11/01/10
incubus (2005)_suffocate_plastic_bag (145.4m) 11/06/10
infiltradas, el fin de una ilusion (s01e58)_chloroform_strip_bed (78.4m) 10/25/11
inmu, feast of victims (ep2)_anime_tentacle_rape_drown (299.9m) 04/09/11
inner sanctum, pillow of death (1945)_suffocate_pillow_bed_nonfatal (94.2m) 09/23/11
innocents from hell (1978)_acid_holy_water_burn (147.0m) 05/15/11
inseminoid (1981)_strangle_ligature (12.7m) 09/09/01
inspector lewis (2006)_drown_river_suicide (96.1m) 10/05/10
inspectors ii, a shred of evidence (2000)_suffocate_pillow_bed_feet_kick (374.7m) 05/20/12
intimate obsession (1992) 1_drown_pool (36.4m) 11/07/10
intimate obsession (1992) 2_drown_pool (42.6m) 11/07/10
intimate stranger (1992)_throat_cut (159.9m) 03/30/12
intimate strangers (2004)_chloroform_bed (116.5m) 11/07/10
kommissar rex, blond, huebsch (s08e09) 1_strangle_manual (128.8m) 01/16/11
kommissar rex, ein zeuge auf vier pfoten (s08e04)_strangle_manual (171.4m) 01/16/11
kommissar rex, the hit list (s05e01) 1_drown_nonfatal_pool (149.5m) 01/15/11
nightmare in wax_stab_body_handle (55.1m) 08/09/12
sweet little sixteen (1999)_strangle_manual_car (61.6m) 10/13/10
tatort, kommissar brinkmann (s01e228) pt1_suffocate_pillow (113.5m) 01/15/11
tatort, kommissar brinkmann (s01e228) pt2_body_crime_scene (198.8m) 01/15/11